Caring For Your Salmon, Lingcod, or Rockfish 

1. Keep frozen, and the colder the better. We keep our catch in our garage chest freezer since it's colder than the house one, and is opened less frequently. This will extend the shelf life of your fish.


2. When it's time to eat, just toss your package in the fridge and allow to thaw for 12-24 hours. Once thawed, gently rinse under cool water and pat dry before preparing. 


3. Change of dinner plans? Don't fret. If you need to keep your catch in the fridge for more than 24 hours, simply remove it from the packaging, rinse in cold water, and place back in the fridge on a paper towel lined plate. Loosely cover with Saran Wrap. Best use within 72 hours of thawing. 


4. Sear, grill, bake, enjoy! 

Caring For Your Spot Prawns


1. Toss package in fridge, allow to thaw for 6 - 12 hours. 

2. If storing for longer than 12 hours, remove from package. rinse breifly under cold water, and store on a paper towel lined plate or bag. After thawing, your bag may accumulate dark orange liquid in the bottom. This is just juice from the eggs, and is completely normal.

3. Best use within 24 hours. Shells may darken, but this isn't spoilage - It's an enzymatic reaction called melanosis. Most store bought shrimp are dipped in sulfites, which causes them to artificially retain their bright color. Ours are sulfite and chemical-free! 

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