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From the galley:

Wild alaskan salmon poké 

A favorite among fisherfolk and land dwellers alike, poke is the ultimate appetizer or main course. 

In poke, premium ingredients are paramount. Use fresh (previously frozen), high quality, sushi grade, wild seafood. Salmon-wise, we prefer coho or sockeye... But ahi is a great option, too! 

Don't be intimidated by pulling pinbones or skinning your portions. Pinbones run in a straight line, parallel to to the lateral line of the fish. Feel for them with your fingers, and pluck with a pair of needle nose pliers or even tweezers. With a little practice, skinning's a breeze too. If you're unsure, we'd suggest watching a few videos on YouTube. 

Vibrant notes of ginger with warm sesame oil bring this dish to life, and the sharp tang of lime and rice wine vinegar keep it balanced.

We add avocado if it's on hand, and serve with corn tortilla chips. 

A note on our favorite ingredient: Furikake.


Furikake is a sesame seed and seaweed based seasoning, and a great compliment to almost any seafood dish. We keep jars at home, on the boat, heck we've considered keeping one in the truck.

Find it at your local asian grocer, or on amazon here.