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Some info about Spot Prawns

Our prawns are a little different than your garden variety, grocery store shrimp. Here's how: 

They're sulfite + chemical free

To preserve their vibrant, pink hue, most prawns (and many other commercially produced foods, such as deli ham and wine) contain a sulfite additive. For both our health, and the health of our consumers, we choose to not dip our prawns in sulfite (or any other chemical)! Consequently, after thawing, your prawn shells may begin to darken. This is a completely normal enzymatic process called melanosis. It is not spoilage! It's natural, and the meat inside will remain a vibrant white. 

For more information on the adverse health effects of sulfites, click here. 

They come in male and female (or, young and old)

Prawns have a fascinating life cycle. Once fully grown at 18 months old, they function as males until they are 24 months old. From their 24th month through their 29th, they are transitioning - And by month 30 in their life cycle, they function as females.

The reason this all matters is, females have roe, and males don't. We sell both. Both are delicious.

As a rule: the older, roe toting females are much larger than the males. There will be fewer of them per pound - perhaps 8 - 15. 

The younger, roe-less males are slightly smaller, generally about 15-25 per pound. 

Spot prawn roe is truly ocean gold. ID

They're individually glazed

As you thaw your prawns, you'll notice a thin layer of ice sloughing off of them. This is glaze. It's a protective coating of frozen sea water that prevents your prawns from becoming freezer burnt.