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We love rockfish for it's clean, large flakes; perfect as a stand alone fillet - or better in a taco


the basics

Thawing's never been easier

Simply toss your sealed package into the fridge, and allow to thaw for 24 hours. If you don't plan on cooking it for a few days, just be sure to remove your fish from the packaging, rinse under cold water, and pat dry. Then, place your portion on a fresh paper towel, wrap the whole thing loosely in Saran Wrap, and place back in the fridge. Refrigerators tend to have a low humidity, and dehydrate food - which is why we suggest covering with Saran Wrap. ​

Rockfish's texture is unique

Softer whitefish, such as halibut and lingcod, can get lost in dishes such as soups, curries, and stir fries. Not rockfish, though! It's firm, large flake isn't quick to crumble or mush - making it our favorite "fish addition" to other dishes.

It'll keep for over a year in a good quality chest freezer, or at least 6 months in a household above the fridge style freezer. Your freshly thawed out portions are guaranteed to taste as good as they day we harvested it from the ocean. 

A note on parasites

We'd love to sugarcoat this for you... But as your fish providers, it's our responsibility to tell it to you straight. Your fish has naturally occurring parasites. So does your beef, pork, chicken, and fruit. It's just an icky consequence of eating food from the natural, wild world. This is why it's important to freeze seafood before consuming it. We do our best to ensure every piece of fish is thoroughly inspected, and that any visible parasites are removed. But, a few will slip through the cracks. The important thing to know is: it's COMPLETELY harmless. Just take the tip of your knife, pop it out, do a little dance, and commence enjoying your wild seafood dinner. If you happen to receive a piece that is just too infested, let us know. We will happily issue a full refund.

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About our rockfish fishery


Rockfish are the one species that we don't specifically target! They are exclusively caught as by-catch in our lingcod and salmon fisheries. 

Management + Sustainability

Depending on the species, rockfish are managed either by the state of Alaska, or federally by NOAA. The primary rockfish species we catch is black rockfish, which are managed locally by the state of Alaska. We also catch yelloweye, which are managed federally.

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