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Highest Quality Frozen At Sea Seafood​

"Our Customers
and your costumers
can taste the difference"

"Frozen with a whole
new meaning"

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Why Fairweather Freezes At Sea

"This isn't the typical frozen fish you have ever seen before" 

Ensures Freshness

Attention to detail

Cellular degradation begins as soon as fish leaves the water, and undergoes rigor mortis . Your “fresh” fish from the seller may actually be over 10 days old! By rapidly freezing our fish to - 45o F, we “freeze it in time”, meaning your freshly thawed fish will taste like it just left the ocean.

After being landed, your catch is headed, gutted, gently IV bled, then washed thoroughly. We even vacuum them before sending them downstairs to ensure there’s no blood, sea lice, or slime! Properly handled fish will not be delivered with blood, excessive slime, kidney/bloodline, or entrails.

Increases Margins + Reduces waste

sustainable fishing methods

According to the USDA, 23% seafood harvested and sold on the market ends up in the bin. Having quality, frozen fish on hand allows kitchens and counters to thaw product on an as-needed basis -- reducing food waste, and increasing margins.

Our salmon, lingcod, and rockfish are all landed one at a time hook and line, using a fishing method called "power trolling". Black cod are caught both using hooks and/or pots,- in a fishery called longlining, and our spot prawns are caught using pots as well. All methods allow us to throttle back our efficiency, to ensure we are able to keep consistent processing quality.

By Freezing our catch so quickly from coming out of the ocean aboard our vessel we capturing it in time and it will be as if you pulled it from our boat within hours of us catching it!

Benefits for buyers

In our experience, “fresh” is used as a buzzword, and the fish itself is rarely fresh. Many sellers slack frozen product, and sell it as fresh since it often demands a higher price.


Our fish is immediately blast frozen and encased in a sacrificial seawater glaze. You can thaw as business demands, and offer your customer a better-than-fresh flavor, while providing your kitchen/counter with low waste, consistently available, high quality seafood.


We’ve chosen to create a world-class, high quality frozen fish, and transparently sell it as such.

Ordering + Delivery


We offer free weekly delivery in Canyon + Ada county Currently, we deliver on Tuesdays. Delivery date is subject to change.


To order, email:



Order deadline is Monday for delivery the following day. Invoices will be sent out via email, and are net 30 unless otherwise arranged.

We stand by our products.



Broken seals, an ill textured fish; occasionally things just happen. Please take a photo for our reference, snag a weight if applicable, and let us know. We will credit your account.


Alaskan Vs Frozen

We are proud to harvest and sell incredibly healthy, wild seafood.

Farm Raised 

Omega 6

Farm Salmon tend to only high level of omega 6 fatty acids 

Anti biotics

Antibiotic use in fish farming is an environmental hazard as well as a potential health concern. 

IMG_7072 2.HEIC

Alaskan Wild

Omega 3

wild salmon are filled with the more of the healthy omega threes.


contain a healthy amount of your Dailey minerals 

contains vitamin D

Has no added anti biotics

We believe consumers are becoming aware of both the environmental and health benefits of wild salmon, and will use their buying power accordingly.

Interested In Bringing our catch to your plates/Business, lets work together and drop us a line


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