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Let's start with this: we are not sushi experts. We are however, sushi enthusiasts. And we love making it at home.

So though this isn't likely a traditional, Japanese method; it's our tried and true git er done at home method. And for us, that's good enough! 

If you ask us, sushi has four important components:​

1. Rice
2. Fish
3. Seaweed (or nori)
4. Everything else


Let's start with rice. There's a few important details here.

First, it's important to use a short grain rice. We've had good luck finding sushi rice at Winco in the bulk section. If in doubt, literally look at the grains of rice; they should be short and fat, not long and thin. Short grain rice will bind together better, giving you that nice, sticky binding. 

Second, you'll need rice vinegar. We like unseasoned rice vinegar, there's less additives. 

Here's the quick and dirty of it; if you'd like more details, check out this page. It's our go-to source for sushi rice!


1. Sushi rice

2 cups short grain sushi rice 
1/4 cup unseasoned rive vinegar
4 tsp sugar (or honey) *This ingredient is important to add "stickiness". Don't skip it.*
pinch of salt 

Rinse the rice under cool water in a fine mesh strainer, until the rice runs clear. (I'l be honest, we usually skip this step. and I can't tell the difference.)

To cook the rice on the stovetop, combine 2 cups rice with 2 1/4 cups water. Cover with a tight fitting lid, bring to a boil. Lower to a summer, and cook 15 minutes, or until all water has been absorbed. Try to just leave it be while cooking, and don't prod it too much.

While the rice is cooking, prepare the sushi vinegar. Combine sushi rice, sugar, and salt in a small bowl. Heat gently on stovetop, or in microwave; it only needs to be heated enough to melt the sugar.

To prepare the sushi rice, lay your hot + cooked rice out in a thin layer on a cookie sheet to accelerate the cooling process. While it's still hot, pour sushi vinegar mixture over the rice; use a wooden spoon to gently combine. Cover with Saran Wrap, place in fridge to cool.

2. Sushi fish

For fish in sushi, the sky's the limit! Our go-to's are coho salmon, king salmon, and shrimp. The big rule is, if you're not buying our fish, please ensure you're purchasing either sushi grade fish from your local fish counter, or very high quality frozen fish. Freezing is important because it kills natural parasites found present in raw fish.

To prepare, thaw frozen fish overnight in the fridge. Do not accelerate the process with hot water, it'll ruin both flavor and testure Remove any skin or pin bones, if needed. 

If using in a roll, cut salmon into 1/2" strips. For shrimp, we enjoy them cooked -- boiled is great, or if you have time, tempura is our favorite!

3. Nori paper (seaweed)

Sushi paper should be readily available at your local grocery store!

4. Everything else

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