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Alaska   Idaho

Fairweather Fish Co.

Caleb and Jessica Robbins

Dumb kids in love, the two of us began fishing together as teenagers. We leased a small, commercial power troller, and spent a handful of years chasing chum salmon runs around Southeast Alaska before we were able to scrape enough pennies together to finance our own boat: F/V Alsek. Purchasing the Alsek was only half of the dream, though -- our ultimate goal was always to share our catch with others.


We began by selling our fish fresh, on ice. But after testing our own product post-shipping, we weren't crazy about the flavor. So, we did some research (read: eating a lot of different fisher-friend's fish!) and we decided freezing at sea was our best option to bring the fresh taste of Alaska back home to Idaho. A few years (and many pennies) later, we were able to install a blast freezer aboard the Alsek, converting the belly of our boat into one large blast freezer. Freezing aboard the Alsek allowed us to accomplish our goal of bringing the highest quality of frozen fish to our customers. It's a product and process that we're wildly proud of!

Fast forward to today, and you can find us at farmers markets, small retailers, and local restaurants throughout the Boise area. We're proud to partner with some amazing local businesses. To find us (or our fish), checkout the "markets and stockists" tab.


From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for being here!



What makes our fish special?

Project - Sketch 1_19.png
Project - Sketch 1_19.png


Fisherman owned, operated, and harvested

Our supply chain couldn't get any simpler: 6 months per year, we live on our boat, catching wild seafood.Whenever the boat's full (generally, every two weeks or so), we offload our fish one by one into a refrigerated shipping container, where it's barged from Sitka, Alaska to Bellingham, Washington. In Bellingham, it's transferred for trucking, and trucked to Boise Cold Storage in the heart of Downtown Boise. 


Hook and line caught

There's a lot of great, responsible ways to catch fish; but we love the process of catching by hook and line. It allows us to take our time landing and processing each fish - minimizing bruising, scale loss, and loss of quality. Plus, it's just plain FUN.


frozen at sea

We've tried all the ways, and the verdict is in: the flavor, texture, and shelf life of "frozen at sea" fish is nearly impossible to beat. By blast freezing our fish immediately after landing them, they're essentially frozen in time; meaning your freshly thawed fish will taste like it just left the ocean. 


wild caught + From Alaska 

We'll cut to the chase: this isn't exactly that special. 

There's lots of amazing men and women doing the hard, honest work of harvesting and selling seafood! So if we can't fit your seafood needs, that's okay. But before you head to your grocery store seafood counter, we'd love for you to check out one of these companies instead. This list is by no means exhaustive, but can hopefully give you a place to start. Your dollars spent on small scale fishing operations mean the world to our industry, and adds resilience to costal communities!

Not located in Idaho? Send us a shipping inquiry!

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"Just tried out some of what I ordered tonight. The lingcod was amazing! The salmon was really good too. I will definitely be placing another order next year!"

-Anglea Shippy

Boise ID

"Best Coho Salmon we have had, definitely recommend Fairweather Fish Co."

- Ambar Strode

McCall, ID

"If you love fish, then skip the grocery store and Costco and go with these guys...This is our first year with them and I am totally impressed by the quality and taste of their product..."

- Troy Browne

Boise, ID

Freezing at sea:
A labor of love

How to snag 
a share of our catch


After being landed, your catch is headed, gutted, gently IV bled, then washed thoroughly. We even vacuum them before sending them downstairs to ensure there’s no blood, sea lice, or slime!


Cellular degradation begins as soon as fish leave the water. Your “fresh” fish from the grocery store may actually be over 10 days old! By rapidly freezing our fish to - 45ºF, we “freeze it in time”, meaning your freshly thawed fish will taste like it just left the ocean.

PNG image shrimp .png

immediately blast frozen

Our fish enter the vessel’s powerful blast freezer less than 60 minutes after leaving the ocean, locking in summer-fresh flavor long past the winter to come.


23% seafood harvested from our precious oceans goes to waste -- and the short shelf life of fresh fish demands hasty, carbon heavy transportation methods. By purchasing frozen fish, you're helping both the ocean, and your wallet. Thaw at will, enjoy delicious fish, and reduce waste while you're at it.

Project - Sketch 1_19.png

SUSTAINABLY hook + line caught

Our salmon, lingcod, and rockfish are all landed one at a time hook and line, using a fishing method called "power trolling". We drag between 20 - 80 hooks behind our boat, and use artificial lures to tempt fish into biting


Since our fish are all caught by hook, any unwanted catch (aka “by-catch”) can be safely returned to the sea. Common by-catch includes rockfish - which we’re allowed to retain, as well as king salmon, pink salmon, and halibut - all of which are safely returned to the ocean.

Project - Sketch 1_19.png

Caleb Robbins

Owner | Captain | Mechanic | Optimist

A third generation commercial fisherman, Caleb has salmon running through his veins. He grew up set netting on the mighty Alsek River, and made the leap to captaining an open ocean troller at the age of 17. He and Jessica tied the knot in 2013, and purchased their own vessel in 2016. Caleb's zest for life (and addiction to fishing) keeps the mood aboard the boat in high sprits - Even when wind and waves abound.


Jessica Robbins

Owner | Deckboss | Bookkeeper | Galley Chef

Jess began fishing with Caleb in 2012. Born and raised in Boise, the wild oceans of Alaska hooked her immediately, soon she realized -- no other life was possible. After graduating with her B.S. in Biology in 2014, she and Caleb began the hunt for their perfect vessel. They purchased the Alsek through a friend Jess met at Boise State - proving her college degree wasn't a total waste, after all.

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